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WELCOME to the

The Last Glue adhesive is the result of years of testing and research to create a better super glue.

Engineers in our German laboratories were not satisfied with currently available super glues, which were tricky to use, unreliable, and dried out after only a couple of uses. They set out to create a product that was easy to use, worked well in a variety of applications, and would last longer in the bottle.

The result is a phenomenal improvement in adhesive technology - a glue that works on oxygen deprivation, not on exposure to oxygen. This means it doesn't dry out when exposed to air, but forms a tighter bond the more it is deprived of oxygen. This explains The Last Glue's almost unlimited range of adhesive possibilities, and its ability to meet the highest demands in terms of elasticity, resistance to cold, heat, chemicals and water.

We aren't going to tell you how we make our glue so much better than the rest - that's The Last Glue Secret!

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